Friday, June 8, 2012

Sometimes you forget

Wednesday evening, the doorbell rang. Orla, my girlfriend had gone out and the door was locked. I didn’t have my keys in my pockets so I ran into the bedroom for my keys. Not there. Of course I had forgotten to close the door behind me so Tina had come in and was hiding under the bed. Charlie was poking his nose in the wardrobe so he was easily removed. I had come out of the computer room and of course left that door open as well. Charlie had gone in and was having a nose around there. I decided then to just close both doors as at least I knew where the two were and open a window to talk to whoever was at the door. When I looked, however, those people were gone. I hope to god that they didn’t see me running around as they must have thought I was crazy.
Had a bit of a job getting Tina out of the bedroom but managed as she is easily spooked and will run to where she finds it safest. Charlie was no trouble. I just picked him up and carried him out.
They will be allowed to go into these rooms eventually. We just want to get them used to the kitchen and sitting room as their main living areas.
Oh, and the keys: Orla had used my keys to lock the shed earlier and left them in the utility room, where I wouldn’t have looked in the first place anyway, but they were hidden under a bag as well. So no wonder I couldn’t find them.

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