Friday, June 8, 2012

Charlie and Tina, day 3.

Woke up early and checked on the pair. Of course they had been on the countertop that they’re not supposed to go on. If they had a middle finger…. But they were grand. Tina is taking to the wet food easier than Charlie. So I mixed it with some kibble again and he ate it. Then gave them playtime. When they were finished playing I had my breakfast and spent time doing my own stuff. Charlie and Tina don’t really play together. They don’t chase each other around. They both prefer different toys too. Every now and then Charlie will jump on Tina’s toy and the other way around, as if to say “I can do this too”. They do lie together on a chair sometimes and when one goes to investigate, the other might follow.
They’re both so different though. Charlie is easy going and a real boy. Tina is a bit nervous but also very clever and…. feckin’ hell she’s fast. The way she chases that toy, I feel sorry for little critters once she’s out and about. We’ll keep them in the house for a few weeks and then let them go outside as well. I’m already nervous thinking about it. Don’t want them to end up like poor Cato but don’t want to restrict them to an inside life either. This afternoon the missus and myself were watching a film and the cats joined us in the sitting room. Nice and relaxed. Well, for a bit anyway. We had to give them some playtime during the film as well. And every now and then they demanded some luv and attention.
Fed them some chicken fillet again at around 10pm and I also managed to get a vinegar treatment of the thin hair spots in with both of them.
Their poo has solidified more so that’s a good sign.

Charlie on one of the cat trees.

 Tina chasing a ball.

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