Monday, June 11, 2012

Little victories come at a price.

This afternoon I came home for lunch. Orla hadn't fed the two yet and Charlie seemed to be really hungry. So I put down the wet food for Tina first and was going to mix in the kibbles in Charlie's bowl, only to see Charlie going for Tina's bowl, munching down the wet food. So I put Charlie's bowl with the wet food in his usual spot and brought him over to it and he started eating his wet food over there. I added to Tina's bowl and she started eating as well. She's more of a picker and left quite a bit behind. When Charlie was finished with his bowl he went over and started eating Tina's food. You can't win, hahaha. At least Charlie is going for the wet food now which is good. Just have to watch him from now on. I don't want him to eat too much and Tina not getting enough. Might have to bring them in individually for their grub. Anyway, I'm delighted that they both now have no problems with the canned food and that they both also love the raw chicken, which I will give them every now and then.

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