Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A nightly snack.

This morning I got up to clean the litter box. Orla was going to feed them. When I opened the bedroom door, I saw all these little brownish specks on the floor in the hall. When I went closer to examine it, I also saw a little bag and then it dawned on me. The two little feckers had pulled down the little bag of treats (dried chicken stomachs) I had up on a shelf with some other cat stuff. I had already used it a few times and sealed the bag after use. They found their own way in though. There was a big hole in the front of it. I couldn’t help but laugh. Not much good in giving out about it. They’re hunters and they had done a good job on finding the snack and gaining access to it. Just a little reminder not to have food I don’t want them to get at, anywhere where they can reach it. Hell, I have cans on that shelf as well. In my mind I can already see Tina flipping out a bionic nail I don’t know of, and using it as a can opener during the night (I watched and read X men and am thinking of Wolverine). The two of them would be lying on their backs in the morning, surrounded by opened cans, with round bellies, letting out a big burp when they see me. Ah, I think I will be alright leaving the tins up there.
I can't even imagine how they got at the bag anyway. I had it hidden behind the tins,  and wedged in between some other stuff. They removed it with surgical precision, not disturbing anything else on the shelf. Mission Impossible springs to mind, only Charlie and Tina are probably taller than Tom Cruise and certainly better looking.

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