Sunday, June 10, 2012

Another Sunday morning in the sanctuary (10-06-2012)

Orla and I went back to Kilfinane this morning to help out with the cats.
There are two cat units in the building and we take care of one. It means cleaning litter boxes, giving them food and clean water, brushing and mopping the floors and cleaning or changing their blankets. After that we also try and get some play and cuddle time in with some of them.

There are so many lovely cats there waiting for a good home. If I could, I would take them all. Two is all we can manage at the moment and I’m glad we got Tina and Charlie from there, so there’s more space to house other cats.
One cat who’s still in there is Rosie. She’s actually Charlie’s sister. She was in with them for a while but then she got diarrhoea and had to be separated.
She’s very much a feral cat who hisses and growls when anyone comes near. On her door it says “do not handle”, just to warn people.  I wanted to change her blankets in her box though and she was sitting on one of them. So I sat down with her, while she was growling at me and gave her lots of blinky eyes, while talking to her gently. She then relaxed a bit and I carefully rubbed her on the head with one finger. She tolerated that so I rubbed her cheek. She was ok with that too so I petted her on the head and neck. I then gently grabbed her by the skin of her neck (like mother cats do with their kittens) and moved her to the other side of her box. Hooray. No scratching or biting. She was fine.

After the cleaning was done I went in with her for a bit and it started all over again with the hissing and growling. Because of earlier, I had more confidence now and while speaking to her gently, I started petting her again. I got her as far as lying flat out with her belly a bit exposed and was able to pet her paws as well without her minding it. She even started to purr.
She’s a beautiful black and white cat and I really feel for her because she’s so stressed.
She will be ok with other cats though, as she was in with two before but she needs someone who has a lot of patience and can invest a lot of time in her to win her trust.
And no, I’m not going to take more cats in the house. Two is enough for us, at least at the moment. No, REALLY!!

Oh, and by the way, you don’t have to be a cat lover to go to the sanctuary. There are plenty of dogs out there who’d love to be taken for a walk. The grounds are lovely. Go visit and see for yourself. There’s a link to the Limerick Animal Welfare website on the right hand side of the blog page in the links section.

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