Sunday, June 24, 2012

Battle scars.

Ever been in a scrap with a more or less domesticated feral cat? Well, today I got myself beat up by Tina. She escaped and was outside for over an hour. Then finally I saw her and lured her towards me with a toy. She tried to pull the toy into the bushes and when that didn't work, she ran again. Then she came back to the toy and I was able to grab her. She doesn't like to be carried so she fought like a wild cat. Got bitten quite hard a few times and scratched all over my hands and on my arms as well.

But I got her back inside. I rinsed out the wounds straight away and washed my hands and arms with anti-bacterial hand soap. Then I put antiseptic Sudo healing cream on the wounds and scratches. It'll be fine.

As soon as I had that done I gave Tina her dinner and after she'd finished went into the sitting room and played with her for a while. She was back to normal in no time and was rubbing my leg and hands while looking at me as if to say: "who in the name of the great feline mother did that to you?"

I really hope that when we let her out in a few weeks, she will come back to us. It's always a bit of a gamble but I would hate to see her stuck indoors for the rest of her life. We have to take the chance at some stage. The same with Charlie. He's a lot more easy-going though, and doesn't mind being carried around and often cuddles up to me on my lap. He’s a different feline personality altogether.

 Tina, the wild girl.


  1. Why don't you like to let Tina out for long? My feeling is she attacked because she wasn't ready to come back in! Why not let her come back in her own time?

    1. Hi Angie.
      She was only with us a short while when this happened. Because she was still quite nervous in the house, I didn't want her out yet. I wanted her to settle in properly first and make the house her own. She came from a feral background and I was afraid that she would dissapear. From the 15th of July we let the two of them out and now they just come and go as they please for the whole day. At nighttime they're indoors. Tina is now very comfortable in our company, grooms us and often cuddles up to us on the couch. She even jumps on my lap from time to time for a cuddle. She goes outside for a while, hunts, brings us a mouse or rat from time to time and really seems to love it here, indoors and out. Indoors she has her favourite hammock in one of the cat trees where she often sleeps for a while before going outside again. :)


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