Saturday, June 9, 2012

Charlie and Tina day 5 (small surprises).

The two are settling in more and more. In the morning they wait patiently outside the bedroom door and give our legs a good rubbing when we come out. Tina still runs when Orla or I meet her in the hall or walk into a room where she is. But as soon as we sit down she will come back and play or sit beside us. She really surprised me by being the first to climb up all the way to the top in the ceiling cat tree. She spends quite a bit of time on one of the platforms, watching the world outside.
She got herself into trouble twice when she accidentally pulled down the net curtain on top of her while trying to catch a fly on the glass that was actually on the outside. Surprisingly enough she didn’t panic but let me free her from the curtain, walking off, head and tail high as if nothing happened.
Charles came into the computer room while I was doing some work. I let him in because he was sitting in the hall on a mat, looking at me with his big eyes and giving me the sad meow when I was getting myself a cup of coffee. He surprised me as well by wanting to sit on my lap and being all affectionate. He kept head-butting my arm whenever I tried to type, which wasn’t really helpful but after a while he calmed down and lay on my lap so I could continue on working. After a while he got off, went exploring a bit and then lay down on the floor on the exact spot as where Cato used to lie. That brought tears to my eyes.
Tina has really taken to the wet food but picks, as she is used to a constant supply of dry food. Charlie still needs kibbles mixed through the wet food to make him eat it. Tina doesn’t care for cat milk. Charlie loves it. Both love their grooming sessions. They are slowly getting used to living with us. Next week will be different as I will be out of the house during the day.  I was off last week but back to work next week. We’ll slowly get them into a routine with meal times, playing, grooming etc. It’s good to have cats in the house. I do miss Cato terribly though.


Tina and Charlie looking out into the back garden from the ceiling cat tree.

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  1. it´s great to see how well they are settling in!
    Guess you´re doing a good job!


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