Thursday, June 7, 2012

Limerick Animal Welfare

Besides my regular work in healthcare, I also work as a photographer for It was through that I came in contact with the people who work for Limerick Animal Welfare.
They have a shelter called the L.A.W sanctuary in Kilfinane, county Limerick and two shops in Limerick City.
I’ve been to both shops and there’s great stuff for sale. Please visit and buy there. And if you have any non-electrical goods you don’t need anymore, consider donating it to them. The opening hours are:
Parnell Street Opening hours 09:30am - 16:30 pm
Roche's Street Opening hours 10.00am - 17:00 pm
The sanctuary is situated outside Kilfinane in the beautiful countryside. The dog kennels are beside the main building and the cat units are quite far removed from them so the cats won’t get stressed.
There are still buildings not completed and money is needed to finish the building projects.
Please help out if you can. There’s so much good work done there. L.A.W has a no kill policy and the animals are all well cared for.
You can help by donating money, attending fundraisers, adopting cats or dogs from the sanctuary, helping out as volunteers in the shops or sanctuary or donate goods to the shops.
L.A.W has a website and you can also find them on Facebook
The Roche's street outlet has it's own Facebook page.

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