Thursday, June 7, 2012

Charlie and Tina, day two.

Wednesday morning I woke up expecting the house to be trashed, redecorated etc. It was just too quiet.
When I opened the bedroom door I saw a puddle of puke in the hallway which was easy to clean up under Charlie's watchful eye. He also supervised me cleaning the litterboxes.
After that I went into the sitting room where Tina was waiting for me with loads of cuddles. Charlie joined in and after this cuddle session I fed them. They're not really used to the wet food and they didn't really want to eat it. So I added some dry food which I pushed into the wet food and they started eating it. They are thin, small cats compared to Cato and they didn't eat much. They're used to a constant supply of kibbles. It will take them some time to get used to mealtimes and not food being available constantly.
I never really saw Cato drink from his water bowl but these two do drink.
Gave them plenty of play time and also a good grooming session. That really helps with the bonding. Tina is getting more relaxed and comes asking for cuddles more. She still runs when you walk up to her but looks way more relaxed. Before we went to bed I gave them a treat: raw chicken fillet. They both loved it.
I'm glad that I decided not to go ahead with the medical treatment yet. If they really, really need it I will but they need some time to settle in and I already know that Tina really stresses over getting any medication put in her mouth. I will keep a close eye on their skin and take it from there. I already gave the thinner patches a first vinegar treatment. No bother. They both didn't mind at all.

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  1. Those two don´t know yet how lucky they are. But they will learn in no time.


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