Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Cat heroes.

Cats are said to be independent, selfish and only use humans to get food and shelter. People who prefer dogs over cats often state that dogs have a special bond with humans and cats don’t. The picture of a dog pining on the owner’s grave comes to mind. There are also lots of stories of dogs saving their owners’ lives.
Of course, there are some incredible true stories out there with dogs as the heroes, but if you care to look, you can find similar stories about cats.

There was this cat that raised the alarm when the carbon monoxide levels in the house got too high and saved a family. Another cat saved an owner by alerting his wife when he was having a heart attack. There are cats that can predict epileptic seizures just before they happen and give their owners time to react. There is this cat that saved an owner when she was having a diabetic seizure in her sleep at night. There are cats that have protected their owners from attacks, etc. It proves that cats also have this special bond with humans, be it in a slightly different way than dogs.
Here are some links to incredible cat stories.

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