Monday, April 1, 2013

A call for help from the Limerick Animal Welfare Sanctuary

Limerick Animal Welfare is a registered charity, caring for abandoned & neglected animals. The sanctuary has a no-kill policy.
They desperately need money and volunteers. You can donate through the links below this story. You don’t have to live in Limerick or Ireland to donate.

“The Sanctuary is full to overflowing this weekend. The phones are ringing continually with requests to take in more dogs, cats and horses. We are doing our best to cope with emergencies. We were very short of volunteers to-day. Sundays are always difficult especially during holiday week-ends. Funds are at an all-time low. This afternoon we have just looked at the accounts for first three months of 2013 and our expenditure has greatly exceeded our income. We will have to try and cut back for the second quarter to ensure that we can keep the Sanctuary open. We appreciate all the help we get from the public and volunteers during these difficult economic times.

We fundraise all the time and our 3 Charity Shops are our main source of income. However, our Public Donations went from 25,000 in 2011 down to 11,000 in 2012. Our permits for street collections have also been cut back and Dunnes are not allowing Animal Welfare Charities to collect in their stores any more. We must raise a minimum of 40,000 each month to keep the Sanctuary open. This does not include much needed maintenance. At present the cost of extra hay has put an additional burden on finances and the need to provide a new shelter for the horses.”

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We are appealing to our supporters to set up a monthly standing order to help us cope with our every increasing bills. Did you know that as little as 5.00 euro a month can help us greatly in our efforts to help the growing number of animals in our care? No amount is too small. We need your help today. For a standing order form, please email us at

Our Bank Account Details:

Name of Account          LIMERICK ANIMAL WELFARE
Account Number 89515042
Sort Code   90-43-09
Address      Bank of Ireland, 125 O'Connell Street, Limerick

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