Sunday, July 1, 2012

Modern design for cats.

Ok, let this be said: cats don’t give a damn about what their cat trees, cat beds, litter boxes and food bowls look like. Cato had plenty of choice but choose a cardboard box over cat beds. Humans who live with cats don’t always like the regular stuff in pet shops. And let’s face it: some of that stuff with all the frills, the pinks and purples and the cat paw prints, etc. wouldn’t look all that good in a more trendy household.
Even for the most critical modern design lover, however, there’s no excuse for  keeping cat furniture out the door. There are plenty of options to buy cat furniture that goes well with your Noguchi table or your Costes Style Lounge Chairs.
Some of the modern design for cat owners actually comes from my country: The Netherlands. The company name is Kenzi. Have a look at their website . There’s an option to view the product information in Dutch, English and French.
A website where you can see a lot of different cat design products is
Who says that all cat furniture has to look the same? Cats don’t mind as long as they think it’s comfortable to use and safe.
Linked to is moderncat studio.
They design their own cat products. Pretty cool stuff.
I will let you look at the different websites yourself as I won’t be putting any photos up myself because I don’t own any of their products and don’t want to infringe on any copyrights with other people’s photos.
Have a look. You can’t buy products from directly. When you click on the manufacturers’ links you can buy directly from them. Not all of the American manufacturers might ship to Europe but that might change in the near future too if there’s a demand.

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