Saturday, July 28, 2012

Help Limerick Animal Welfare

Just want to pass on this link. If you have any money to spare, please donate to Limerick Animal Welfare. They would love to get the building finished so they can house more animals. They're getting a bit overcrowded and have a no-kill policy. It doesn't matter where you live. PayPall will work. :) It's a worthy cause. It would be so great if people from all over the world donate to get the project finished. Whatever you can spare.
Just click on the Limerick Animal Welfare link below to get to the donation page. Every little bit will help.

Limerick Animal Welfare: Limerick Animal Welfare are still striving to complete the next stage of our building - all donations to assist us would be greatly appreciated - we are a no kill sanctuary


  1. Very interesting blog, thank you for the link. Will have a closer look soon!

  2. You're welcome. And thank you for visiting.


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