Saturday, September 22, 2012

Just answering some questions.

Hi everyone and thank you for the private mails with compliments about my blog, encouraging me to continue on with it.
Not everyone seems to know how Blogspot works. On the right hand side there is a blog archive where you can look at my older posts. When you click on the months, the posts will show.
People have been asking me about cat food. I wrote a blog entry about it. You can find it here. In this entry I promote canned/tinned food. One person wrote to me that I should be promoting raw food as that is the best food for cats.
I totally agree, but not a lot of people have a meat grinder that can grind meat and bones at home. Not everyone can or will invest the time in making raw food. Making raw food is a responsibility. You have to get it right. You have to make sure that your cats get the right amount of taurine and vitamins and minerals in their food. High quality canned/tinned food is the next best option. Even the cheap supermarket wet food would be better than the dry food. In some countries you may find ready-made raw food in the freezer section of your pet store.

Other people were asking me about the website I promote:
From the information I got, zooplus operates in at least 20 European countries. Try it out:,,, etc. It’s all there. So you might find the one for your country too. What I like about zooplus is that they offer good quality products at a reasonable price. You don’t pay delivery costs when you order over a certain amount.
Your local shops might have those products as well so make sure to check them out. I can’t get certain products here, or sometimes the products that I can get are much dearer so then I buy them at zooplus. They are reliable and delivery only takes a few days.

Somebody asked me where I get all my information. Well, I read books, watch TV programmes and I do a lot of research on the internet. On the internet especially, you have to be careful as there is also a lot of misinformation available. Common sense and using more than one source is the way to go. When I decided to give my cats topical treatment for the ringworm, I spent hours reading up on it first, before I decided on what to do. Some people recommended teatree oil but I read elsewhere, in several places, that teatree oil can be very bad for cats. So: no teatree oil or products containing teatree oil.
When I finally decided on what to buy, I asked for additional information in the chemist shop and health food shop and carefully read the leaflet before even going near them with the stuff.
If you’re not sure if your cats are healthy, go to the vet. If you’re not sure about health issues concerning your cats, always go with the vet’s advice.
It’s the safest way. If you’re not sure about the advice your vet gave you, go to another vet for a second opinion.
Ringworm is not life threatening. That’s why I tried out less invasive topical treatment first. If I don’t know what’s going on, I will always go to the vet.

Last but not least I want to thank everyone for their encouragement and compliments. And yes, I am a photographer also. You can find my work on my photography blogspot, on facebook and on Flickr.

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