Saturday, August 18, 2012

Two-and-a-half months as a family.

Two-and-a-half months, I can’t believe it. It seems like a lifetime. I wonder if the helpers in the Limerick Animal Welfare shelter would recognise them. Especially Charlie has grown. From a thin ferret-like tomcat he has grown into a muscly filled-out fella. After the first few weeks with us he developed a little pouch from eating well but being inside. Now he roams around in the garden, climbs trees and hunts flies, mice and whatever else moves.
Tina has developed a nice muscle tone too but is leaner than Charlie, even though she eats like a trooper. She does a lot more running around though, even when in the house. She also climbs the cat trees a few times a day.
Her ringworm seems to have cleared up completely. The bald patches have disappeared and her coat is beautiful and shiny. So is Charlie’s.
The house is now completely theirs. Tina loves the hammocks in the cat trees. Charlie lies in them from time to time too but he prefers to plunk himself down on the floor or lie on one of his favourite chairs. They both lie on the couch and love our bed. During the day, while we’re home, they wander in and out. They are so comfortable in our company and in the house.
When I’m working behind the computer, Tina calls in to me from time to time to stand up on her hind legs at the side of the chair, pat me on the arm and meow to let me know she’s there. I pet her on the head then and sometimes she goes into the windowsill or walks around and rubs my legs and then walks away again. When she wants to play though, she drags a toy from the sitting room to the bedroom, opposite from the room where I sit and then does the arm patting. If I still keep working, she will drag the toy into the office space to make it even clearer. “Come on, I want to play”. Of course I can’t resist her charm and play with her for a while.
They own us and they know it. 
It’s been such a good time so far with the two. I do miss Cato a lot. I would have loved to have seen the three of them together.

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